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Background: RocVale Film is an Australian video distributor. It was formed in 1989, and went defunct in the early 2000s.

1st Logo (1990-1994)

Logo: On a black background, we see the outline of the words "RV" in a abstract, connected, stylized and futuristic font, in a blue-white gradient color, along with a outline of a black spark at the end of the "V". The spark shines with a blue light and disappears, and we see the words "ROCVALE FILM" fading in below in a white-blue gradient color.


  • Sometimes, before the logo, the text reads "The Movie is Proudly Distributed By" appears before the logo.
  • On some releases, the logo has the word "Previews" under the text.

Technique: The logo shining and the text fading in.

Music/Sounds: A 5-note synth choir theme, with the last note being longer, and drumbeats are heard at the end.

Availability: Seen on releases from the company at the time including the 1992 release of Final Impact.

2nd Logo (1994-2001)

Logo: On a space background, we see the Earth globe rotating. Then a curvy filmstrip wipes in, with the movie countdown and a rotating CD disc on the sides. Then it wipes out, and we see the same filmstrip again, this time on the Australian continent. Then it wipes again, then it continues rotating. The camera then zooms out and then the space background disappears. The words "ROCVALE FILM" appears letter by letter, in silver, with the Earth globe being the "O". Then, we see the "RV" from before, this time in silver with a blue outline. The outline shines, and a spark appears at the end of the "V".

Variants: The "Presents" and "Previews" variant have a metallic person pulling out the aforementioned word walking backward.

Technique: Two filmstrips appearing with a disc spinning and the film projector countdown inside them, the globe spinning and the letters and the RV appearing while the latter shines.

Music/Sounds: Two whooshes when the filmstrips appear then a majestic synthesizer fanfare plays and the ding sound is heard as the RV shines. For the "Presents" and "Previews" variants, a ticking sound is heard as the person is walking accompanied by a synth fanfare.

Availability: Seen on Aussie VHS and DVD releases at the time. This appeared on the 1995 VHS release of Troublemakers as well as the 1999 VHS release of Felidae. This also appeared on the DVD release of Ginger Snaps.

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