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Descriptions by
Wellmart3 and Thisisanswer

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Rede Manchete was a Brazilian television network, named after the magazine of the same name. Rede Manchete was suspected to have been a replacement for Rede Tupi, the first TV station in South America which shut down in 1980 due to government issues. It closed down in May 10, 1999 due to bankruptcy, as well as improper management by Bloch's son, who replaced him after he died. Unfortunately, it didn't reach the year 2000 like its 1st slogan, and when the broadcasting rights were picked up, it was renamed by TV!/TV Omega, which became the basis for RedeTV!. For the magazine, it managed to get to 2000, but ceased publication just months afterwards.

1st Logo (1983)

Logo: On a moving lime water background, we see the stylized letter "M" made out of silver balls and sticks, kinda like a molecular structure, zooms out and rises from the bottom of the screen, along with the text "REDE MANCHETE".

Technique: The logo is nothing more than a model chroma-keyed on a rippling, green-tinted water background.

Music/Sounds: A 5-note motif from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: It seems evident that this is a placeholder, with the font and color being in a different color rather than its signature gold. The music (which was reused from one of Rede Tupi's later logos) is also another sign.

2nd Logo (1983-1993)

Logo: On a black background, 3 streaks suddenly shoots towards the center of the screen, which causes 2 lights to scan across both halves of the screen. These reveal streaks and hints of stars zooming towards their ends, in which seconds later are engulfed in several lavender stars. Through an iris-out effect, it reveals a dark blue background with a white grid highlighted over it, as several of the M's in yellow (and even some maple leaves from the First Choice logo) zoom along to the edges of the screen. A large M outline made of shiny gold lines then arcs down and up to the center of the screen, glowing as it reaches it. 4 gold streaks then run along the stems, causing the logo to explode and it fades to a filled version of it, which also glows. As the explosion fades out, the M moves upwards and zooms out, leaving enough room for a yellow wave of light to wipe in the text "REDE MANCHETE". The text shines with a strange line effect and


  • Sometimes, the text would be "REDE MANCHETE TV".
  • A version also exists with different animation. On a space background, several yellow lasers shoot towards the center, as the M rises from it and emits a large orange glow. The M shines constantly as the text "A Seguir em Manchete" zooms out one by one, all in shiny gold with a trail effect. The music here is several laser zaps, continuing with a proud fanfare and an announcer.
  • For early promotions, the logo started with the iris transition, rotated at a very extreme angle and with a white outline as the sponsor's advertisement slides and rotates in with a white outline, with it stopping just as the fades out. All of this is on an space background. An announcer also plays here.
  • A later sponsored ident appears with the logo already completed, which then rotates to the left as the company's logo rotates in from the right. It also reveals the same background from the next logo.
  • Another sponsored ident had the ad flying in first then the logo, in which the explosion is just finished. The background is mostly a black to white gradient with the stars zooming along the bottom half.

Technique: The animation of the logo, the explosion, and the formation of the "REDE MANCHETE" text. Possibly animated by Image West, who also animated the First Choice ident.

Music/Sounds: A triumphant fanfare including lasers and an explosion sound. A chorus sings "Rede Manchete!" at the end. Sometimes an announcer may interrupt the music, which ends at the text wiping in.

Availability: Again, extinct. Both the "A Seguir em Manchete" version and regular logo were last seen in 1993.

Legacy: The animation is stolen from the First Choice logo used during around this time, as is evident with some of the similar animation choices, not to mention the tacky poor-quality animations used over it. How it managed to last until 1993 would be a mystery in of itself.

3rd Logo (1986-1987)

Logo: On a black/blue gradient background, 5 golden balls fly into view, stopping at a position where it looks like the M is rotated at an angle. The lines then appear to form it and 3 more fade in to the right of it. "REDE MANCHETE" then flies out from the bottom portion and rotates to a flat plane.


  • An variant saw the "REDE MANCHETE" text being replaced with "4 ANOS" (with the "ANOS" part as an outline) wiping in, to commemorate Manchete's fourth anniversary.
  • An early version had all the balls in the "M" arrangement, with them rotating towards the screen and the bars drawing in. The music had a synth whirring with the chorus at the end. Another ident had the logo rotating in a duller shade of gold, along with a plate with the logo cut out of it. The 2 then eventually meet. Unlike the other ones, this is made with chroma keyed models. The music is a 5-note synth xylophone tune.
  • One last one had the background somewhat darker than before, with 4 of the balls in a 2x2 square formation. They zoom out to their positions as the 5th ball zooms in and the lines appear. "REDE MANCHETE" zooms out below. The music is a ascending trumpet tune interrupted by the announcer.

Technique: The balls flying, along with the logo forming, fading in, and the text appearing.

Music/Sounds: A synthesized whoosh, followed by an abridged version of the theme from the last logo.

Availability: Seen above, unless found on old tapes.

4th Logo (1988)

Logo: A large golden ball is seen taking up almost all of the screen moves along a white floor with red stripes, also with a large shadow. The camera swerves up and the ball flies away, revealing the rest of the floor and a black background. Another ball flies in and takes up the whole screen, before zooming out and splitting to 5 golden balls. "REDE MANCHETE" is seen zooming out as well with the balls taking their positions, causing the lines to appear.


  • For the 5th anniversary, the background now has a blue gradient. A large golden "5" swings in, along with "ANOS" in gold and the Manchete logo zooming in below. The theme is a pleasant guitar tune with the chorus in a softer tone.
  • An version had the black background littered with lines moving across the screen, along with a red laser forming a large curved split. The lines stop as the logo zooms out at a slight angle. The music is the same, but with a whoosh for the line drawing in.

Technique: The balls moving, the logo forming.

Music/Sounds: A synthesized whir with a slight tune at the end. The chorus can also be heard.

Availability: Seen above, unless found on old tapes.

5th Logo (1989-1991)

Logo: 1st Variant: On a floor made of several reflective cubes, what appears to be large rings in several colors can be seen in a distorted fashion. From the top, the M slides down and from the bottom, the text "REDE MANCHETE" in gold with white fronts slide up. Their distortions can be seen on the cubes in certain places.

2nd Variant: On a space background, a large golden structure zooms out, which reveals itself as the M at a slight angle. Below, "MANCHETE" slides in below along with a very hard to see glass square. As they both meet, 3 lasers shoot in opposite directions of each other in the RGB colors.

6 Anos: On a dark blue background, there is a golden ravine with several jagged walls, in which clips are wiped on them. It cuts around several different shots of the walls, as well as large golden letters. It continues for several different seconds before 3 final cuts result of the walls turning up to reveal an abstract "6" with "ANOS" jutting out from the hole. On the final shot, a small Manchete logo can be seen below along with "REDE MANCHETE"

Variants: Usually in the 1st variant, a clip would disappear in a unique way, revealing the logo.

  • A version of the logo has the logo rotating in along a pair of rotating blue rings, which stop. The music is a dreamy synth tune. For sponsored variant with this logo, the 2nd version is used in silence, before cutting to the sponsor's animation.
  • A 1990 version had the logo still on a black background with yellow and purple lines moving around, then with 2 red lines moving across with sparkles everywhere. A droning synth plays throughout.

Technique: Either the text sliding or the logo zooming out with the text sliding. The shots and clips in the 6 Anos variant.

Music/Sounds: For the 1st variant, a series of laser zaps with a chant of "MANCHETE!" at the end. During the 1989 Carnival, the theme was changed to a funky Carnival beat with the chant being more lively.

  • For the 2nd variant, laser zaps again, but the music is 4 rising scratches, ending with a single hit.
  • The 6th Anos variant has a upbeat synth fanfare, ending with a large crash.

Availability: Seen above, unless found on old tapes.

6th Logo (1992-1993)


  • Main Variant: In a large foggy area with structures like the Manchete M, a large M rises from one of the holes and rotates slowly. Rising from the structures and moving from them, another M, this time in a brighter shade, rotates up as well, eventually pushing the structures off screen and causing the background to turn a grey/black gradient. "REDE MANCHETE" zooms out and rotates below the logo.
  • Secondary Variant: On a black background, a grey ball zooms out with rainbow colored bands spinning around it. They sparkle as well. The ball then zooms in as it opens up to reveal a dark gold Manchete logo. The rings and ball then fade out, leaving the shining Manchete logo.

9 Anos: On a dark blue background, several bubbles and multi-colored balls move across the screen, eventually having faces of Manchete stars on them fading in. Eventually, a multicolored ring appears around one of the bubbles and flips around, causing it to disappear. It then zooms out to reveal a large abstract 9 in multiple colors. To the right is "anos" and above it the Rede Manchete logo. All of it is now on some sort of textured surface.


  • Like the previous logo, the clip may dive into the structure and play off from that point.
  • Another variant had the logo being shown by halves of the screen, with the clip zooming out and the logo fully appearing later on. The music is an intimidating synth that may have sparkles at the end.
  • Starting in 1993, the secondary variant had the text "bloch" in a blue rectangle.
  • The 9 Anos variant may be short.
  • During the 10th anniversary, the main logo first had "10" on a white background, highlighting a moving camouflage texture. The 10 was in a large bulky font with it split into 3 sections on the left portion. Below it is "anos" in a cursive font that's also translucent. It then fades to the logo. The music is a triumphant orchestral fanfare.

Technique: The rising M's, the fog clearing.

Music/Sounds: For the main variant, a upbeat fanfare with trumpets. For the secondary variant, several sparkles and a synth tune are heard. The 9th Anos variant has a upbeat synth fanfare, complete with an announcer.

Availability: Seen above, unless found on old tapes.

7th Logo (1993-1995)


  • 1st Variant: On a blue/white background, the Manchete logo zooms towards the screen and rotates upwards as "REDE MANCHETE" comes in stacked from both side of the screen, flipping up from a yellow line. The logo sparkles on each ball as "bloch" appears in the bottom right corner.
  • 2nd Variant: On a murky purple/blue background, the Manchete logo, seen at an extreme close-up and angle, rotates and zooms out to the right side, eventually being at a very jarring angle. "REDE MANCHETE", all positioned to the right of it, fades in with the blue "bloch" rectangle from before.
  • 3rd Variant: On a very dark blue/black space background, a large brown frame rotates towards the screen. In it is the Rede Manchete logo and below it is "REDE MANCHETE" or "11 ANOS". "bloch" in a different grey font appears below in the bottom right corner.


  • The 1st variant has a special version where "1993" flies in below.
  • An early version of the 3rd variant was used for the 10th anniversary, with "10 ANOS" below the logo. Here, the background is a blue gradient, the frame is sky blue, and the logo is shinier with sparkles on each version. The music is a different trumpet fanfare with an different announcer.
  • On the 2nd variant, the logo may be still at the beginning of shows.
  • On the 11th anniversary, the 2nd variant was first seen chroma-keyed to a sky background, before crossfading to zooming stars.

Technique: Whatever happens.


  • For the 1st variant, a synth trumpet theme is heard with sparkles at the end.
  • For the 2nd variant, several sparkles and a synth tune are heard.
  • The 3rd variant has a upbeat trumpet fanfare, complete with an announcer.

Availability: Seen above, unless found on old tapes.

8th Logo (1994-1997)


  • 1st Variant: On a purple background, the Manchete logo quickly zooms and spins around to the center of the screen. Below, "bloch" in a gold font zooms out below, and they both shine.
  • 2nd Variant: On a blue background with a blue floor, several balls zoom past the screen. Eventually, a crystal ball comes into view and several streaks come to cut it. It reveals the Manchete logo on it and it rotates towards the screen with rotating orange streaks on it. "bloch" appearing below.
  • 12 Anos: On a blue/red background, a translucent plate with the Manchete logo rotates up, with 2 rectangles that both say "1983" and "1995" on them. Surrounding the plate is several rings.
  • 13 Anos: On a shot of fireworks, the Manchete logo rotates around with a ornate pink/blue gradient "13". As it rotates, the text "anos", also in those colors, zooms out.
  • 14 Anos: Starting off on 4 frames with a clip in them and the Manchete logo in the corner, they slowly zoom out and rotate. This reveals a dimly lit background and "14 ANOS" appears below. Before it ends, it shows a large Manchete logo.


  • The 2nd variant has a warpspeed variant without an announcer.
  • The 13 Anos variant has a extended version with vocals and ends with a sunrise background.
  • The same variant also has a variant with different music and a chorus singing "REDE MANCHETE!!". Taken from "The Answer Production Library" jingle package from JAM Creative Productions. The 13 is also simpler.
  • A 1996 variant had the logo rotating up on a strange splotchy background, with a rising piano ditty as its music.

Technique: Whatever happens.


  • For the 1st variant, a synth note is first held out, followed by a quick synth tune. Taken from the "Skywave" jingle package by JAM Creative Productions.
  • For the 2nd variant, a simple piano jingle with an announcer.
  • For the 12 Anos variant, a powerful fanfare with a announcer.
  • For the 13 Anos variant, a proud trumpet fanfare was used.
  • For the 14 Anos variant, a majestic fanfare with an announcer.

Availability: Seen above, unless found on old tapes.

9th Logo (1996-1999)

Logo: On a black/blue space background, several planets and stars zoom towards the screen. 3 RGB spheres swerve around the screen before exploding in a yellow light, emitting a large pulse. As the light dies down, the Rede Manchete logo zooms towards the screen as it rotates up, being made of a shinier gold color. Below the logo, "bloch" appears and the logo flashes.


  • Short versions of the logo were also used.
  • A rare version, which omitted "bloch", appeared before the channel closure.

Technique: Great, but simple, animation.

Music/Sounds: A whoosh is first heard, followed by rising synth jingle. A laser zap then plays with a choir in the background. An announcer then plays which is followed by a low-sounding drone and a cymbal crash. The short versions had a slamming door sound at the end.

Availability: Extinct. This was one of the last idents used by the channel before its closure.

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