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Compiled by
SuperMax124 and Camenati


This is the production company of Lee Eisenberg (who also owns his sole company Piece of Work Productions) and Gene Stupnitsky.

(September 29, 2013-)

Logo: A branding iron is seen thrusting on a wooden background as smoke comes out of it. Shortly after, it moves aside to reveal the logo: two outlines of a circle with "100% QUANTITY GUARANTEED" arched and in between the two circles, three stars inside the inner circle and the text "QUANTITY ENTERTAINMENT" inside a tube shape that overlaps the circles.


  • The logo may be either still or zoomed in.
  • On the TV series adaptation of Bad Teacher, the logo is much brighter and is below the Mosaic Media Group logo.
  • A short version exists that was seen on the first season of Little America, where the logo is slightly brighter and smoke can be briefly seen coming out of it.

Technique: The logo forming.

Music/Sounds: The sounds of a fiery burst and then some flames. Otherwise, none or the ending theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on Hello Ladies, the TV series adaptation of Bad Teacher, Trophy Wife, SMILF and the first season of Little America. It does not appear on the 2019 film Good Boys, despite Eisenberg and Stupnitsky being involved.

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