Picturemaker Productions

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Captures by
DonDonP1, Camenati and SuperMax124


This is Glenn Gordon Caron's production company.

(July 9, 1984-May 17, 2021)

Logo: On the left of the screen, we see a caricatured head with an arm moving as if it were turning a crank. While this happens, the words "PICTUREMAKER PRODUCTIONS" in white, slowly slides in to the right from the head.

Trivia: This logo was designed by Sandy Dvore, the same designer under the 1982 "Turning UA" United Artists logo.


  • Originally, this logo used cel animation and was filmed. Starting with Medium, the logo is digitally re-animated; also, the arm is now fully shown, when it originally appeared after a few seconds.
  • On season 2 of Now and Again, the logo is sped up.
  • Starting with the second season of Bull, the logo spins and the arm is turning faster.
  • On seasons 2 and 3 of Bull, the logo is next to the Atelier Paul Attanasio logo.

Technique: Cel animation in the original version, digital animation in the enhanced version.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the show. NBC and CBS airings used a generic theme and/or a voiceover. Concrete Beat has a lush string theme that finishes over the following "In Association With" screen.

Availability: Seen on Moonlighting, Now and Again, Medium, and seasons 2-5 of Bull.

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