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Descriptions by
Eric S., Codyfinke2 and wisp2007

Captures by
Eric S and wisp2007

Editions by
Michael Kenchington

Video captures courtesy of
Amber The Fangirl


Pearson New Entertainment (or PNE Video) was a British video company from High Wycombe and a subsidiary of Pearson plc. In 1998, it merged with Thames Video into a new entity, Pearson Television Video (or PT Video). The company became "FremantleMedia Home Entertainment" by 2001.

PNE Video

1st Logo (1994-1996)

Logo: On a black background, we see what appears to be a green circular box on the right side, with on the left side of the box, we see a green sphere with red and black borders. Surrounding it was a circular white line, which almost looks like Saturn, with a green sphere orbiting on the right side. next to it was the white words "PNe", and below it was "VIDEO" in spaced out letters.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on earlier PNE Video releases from the era.

2nd Logo (1996-1998)

Logo: On a black background, a spinning green ball in a red and black hoop appears. Around it is a white ring with a smaller green ball "orbiting" the larger one. The ball moves away from the camera and towards a lit point on the screen. The word "video" in white is written next to the point. When the ball completely covers the light, the letters "PNe" in a metallic color scheme appear above the word "video". The part of the screen representing the logo then turns green, the ball stops spinning, and the scene fades out.

Technique: The ball spinning and moving around, the letters appearing.

Music/Sounds: Silent.

Availability: Rare. Seen on comedy videos released by the company in the second part of the 1990's.

PT Video


Logo: On a moving purple background, we see a circular light moving from the logo. Then we see what appears to be a shape of a cube with words cote-out: "P" on the left side, "T" on the right side, and "VIDEO" on the bottom right of the cube. The logo brightens, as the cube turns blue with pink and green hues, which then glows brighter. The byline "A Division of Pearson Television International Ltd" fades in below the cube.

Technique: The light moving bright, the dark cube-shape appearing and brightening, and the fading in of the byline.

Music/Sounds: We start with an echoey clang, and while a single synth pad note plays, we hear what sounds like a jet engine accelerating.


  • Seen on PT Video releases from the era, such as Thames releases.
  • However, it doesn't appear on the 2001 UK VHS reissue of The Wind In The Willows: Autumn Antics, which instead uses the Thames Video Collection logo.
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