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1st Tag (April 26, 1990-1997?)

Neo Geo-SNK (1992).png

Logo: We see the SNK logo at the bottom of a textured gray background. A black "NEO GEO" ball (the text in a pointy font with the "O"s replaced by the half-octagons from the Neo Geo CD logos, with "NEO" in yellow and "GEO" in blue) bounces into the frame from the left side, and bounces on the SNK logo letter-by-letter. As this happens, the tagline "The Future Is Now" wipes in above the SNK logo. When it is finished, the ball drops to the bottom to reappear from the top, now bigger, and lands on the SNK tagline and text, resulting in them bouncing down and back like a trampoline, before settling into place.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A three-note (G-F-E) xylophone chime, a male announcer saying the SNK name, and finally a bouncing noise when the ball bounces onto the SNK logo.

Availability: Seen on Japanese commercials for games for the system during this period.

2nd Tag (1990s)

Neo Geo (The 100Mega Shock!) (1992).png

Logo: On a wood-esque yellow background, we see a red circle, with the number 100 (with the "0"'s holes being the half-octagons, minus the faces, from the previous tag) at the top and the Neo Geo logo at the bottom, both in black. The text "THE 100MEGA SHOCK!" in white flips into the screen from the right and hits the circle, causing the screen to flash and shake for a bit. The "0"'s holes morph a la TV static before the faces appear on the half-octagons, with five sharp triangles appearing above them.

Technique: Computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A different male announcer exclaiming "Hyaku-Mega Shock! Neo Geo!"

Availability: Seen only Japanese commercials for games for the system whose ROM sizes are larger than 100 megabytes.

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