Montana Video S.A.

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Montana Video.png

Logo: Over a mint green background with a whiter ripple effect onto it, the blue symbol of the logo appears fading in a really big close up, complete with wobbling lines. It zooms out to reveal the whole logo, then it begins to spin, and slightly zooms out, to be placed onto the left. The stretchy orange outlined text "MONTANA" can be seen sliding onto the right, and it shortens itself. The black outlined text "VIDEO, S.A." fades under "MONTANA". Then the whole logo fades out as the green text "PRESENTA" is seen flipping over.

Technique: The background, the zoom out, the movements, and the fading.

Music/Sounds: A snippet of "Dinney's O'brien" by Gwendal.

Availability: Very rare as usual. It was once spotted on a release of The Clockmaker. It may also be seen on other releases.

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