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The MRA Entertainment Group was an budget Australian distribution company which released various films and TV shows before they went bankrupt in 2007. They founded in 1995.

1st Logo (1995-2002)

Logo: We see a red starry background. There's a small blue ball zooming in the midst of this background, moving "forward" as it occupies a fair portion of the screen. This ball keeps moving until the screen is engulfed by it, of which is the background for the second half of this logo. We then see the logomark, which consists of "MRA ENTERTAINMENT GROUP" in a Times-like font, stacked on top of each other and separated by thin yellow lines. It zooms in very slowly, shaking slightly as it does so. The logo has a clearer resolution and brighter color at this point, and the words "Your Ticket To The Stars" appear under this.

Technique: The zooming in of all of the elements that create this logo.

Music/Sounds: It begins with a synthesized cymbal noise, of which segues into a pounding whoosh. The sound of thunder then follows, leaving behind a rather unexplained noise not unlike that of a helicopter taking flight. This abruptly ends, leaving silence.

Availability: Unknown, but it shouldn't be too rare, possibly seen on VHS's of the era.

2nd Logo (1999-2002?)

Logo: The MRA Entertainment warning fades out, then suddenly an explosion, a metal box surrounds it on a black background, the explosion morphs into a purple static background similar to the Klasky-Csupo 1998 Logo, Then the MRA Entertainment text zooms in from skinny to wide, then a flash and it becomes solidified into the static background, then the two curved lines in the MRA Entertainment print logo zoom in like the MRA Entertainment text, flashing and solidifying, then the DVD Logo zooms in beneath the MRA Entertainment logo, a flash and it is solidified, then then a electric lightning bolt zaps the logo and it becomes filled with a Black to Blue gradient with a white outline, still on the Purple Static, it fades to black.

Technique: The explosion, the "morphing" into the background, the zooming in of the elements of the logo, the "lightning bolt" and the fading to black.

Music/Sounds: A sudden Explosion, then the explosion sound reverses, a electric surging sound, a whoosh, another explosion sound, followed by another electric surging whoosh and an explosion, then another whoosh, in short: loud explosions and whooshes.

Availability: Rare, probably on a few MRA Releases around the late 90's before being replaced by the next logo, can be found on the Australian DVD release of A Weekend at Bernie's. It's also seen on the Australian DVD release of The Fabulous Baker Boys.

3rd Logo (2002?-2004?)

Logo: On a black background with red smoke with black lines and black slanted rectangles moving across the smoke, we see a rectangle with a oval inside reading "MRA Entertainment" with the DVD logo underneath in white spinning around slowly. Then the logo turns green rotating, then it turns white again flipping back into the smoke. After a flash we see the logo again, only in black and zooming in from the smoke, and then the slanted rectangles disappear.

Technique: Everything.

Music/Sounds: A strange humming noise is heard at first, then we hear two laser sounds and then finally we hear an air sound.

Availability: Can be seen on Australian DVD's from the time, such as their DVD releases of Happily Ever After.

4th Logo (2004?-2007?)

Logo: On a purple gradient background, we see a white three pointed star with arrows on each end, then four more stars of the same kind zoom in from the top left of the screen, then they form a circle. After that the screen wipes away, the stars turn black and we see the word "MRA" on the right of the circle and "entertainment" underneath.

Technique: The stars taking place. Minimal effort was required to make this and the whole animation looks boring and cheap, with not much to it.

Music/Sounds: An synth-string tune with beeping noises.

Availability: Can be seen on their DVD releases of the time. This logo makes a surprise appearance on the Magna Home Entertainment Widescreen DVD release of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, possibly due to the master being prepared, but wasn't able to be released due to MRA's bankruptcy.

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