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This is Bryan Fuller's production company. The company is named after Fuller went to a lot of funerals as a child, which he liked.

1st Logo (March 12, 2004-June 13, 2009)

Logo: In a graveyard with some dead grass on the ground and a full moon seen above on the upper left corner of the screen, the cracked headstone in the foreground has a skull and crossbones symbol on it with this text below the skull and crossbones symbol and between the cracks:


A light green crooked hand is seen in front of the headstone rising from the grave.

Technique: The hand rising from the grave.

Music/Sounds: A "Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee!" shriek is heard as the hand rises. Some episodes of Wonderfalls have a scary music during the shriek.

Availability: Seen on some episodes of Wonderfalls, the animated TV movie The Amazing Screw-On Head, and the ABC drama series Pushing Daisies.

Legacy: Considering that this logo is very Halloween-ish because of the graveyard and the hand rising from the grave in the foreground, the logo may frighten some, but it can be amusing to those who like this kind of stuff.

2nd Logo (October 26, 2012- )

Logo: An illustration of a zombie's arm sticking out of the ground with a fork in his hand (that has an eyeball on it) is seen on a white background. To the left of the arm is the text "LIVING DEAD GUY".


  • On Mockingbird Lane, the logo is on a Toshiba flat-screen TV and the fork is replaced with a crow.
  • On later episodes of Hannibal, we see the same text except they're all centered in one word, and the zombie's arm rises up.
  • On American Gods, the zombie's arm has a coin when he rises up.
  • On Star Trek: Discovery, the arm shows us doing the Vulcan salute.

Technique: None, it's a still logo. On the animated version, an arm rises up to the ground.

Music/Sounds: None or the closing theme.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On the pilot episode of Mockingbird Lane, an organ tune.
  • On American Gods, there is the closing theme with the ground cracks as the arm rises up with the crow cawing.

Availability: Seen on Hannibal and the pilot episode of Mockingbird Lane. It was also seen on American Gods, and Star Trek: Discovery.

Legacy: Same as the last logo. Like before, if you're afraid of the undead or sensitive with eyeballs, it could be seen as scarier, but if you don't mind it, it's tamer.

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