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LD Entertainment (formerly known as Liddell Entertainment until 2011) is an independent movie production and distribution studio based in Los Angeles. It was founded by Mickey Liddell in 2007 after he left Berlanti-Liddell Productions last year and the former changed his company name to Berlanti Television (later Berlanti Productions).

1st Logo (January 18, 2009- )

Logo: We see a herd of animated, highly brush-effect horses running. Next views show their hooves and the herd from distance. They run, leaving smoke, and the black LD logo appears in the smoke, lying on the ground. Then "ENTERTAINMENT" fades in below. The ground is heavily stomped by horseshoe marks.


  • On The Grey, the logo was shortened to last seconds.
  • On The Collector, the result was bigger and gray-toned, also without horseshoe marks.

Technique: The horses running and smoke appearing.

Music/Sounds: The stampede and a fanfare.

Availability: Fairly common. Seen on Biutiful, The Collector, The Details, Silent House and other upcoming films.

2nd Logo (February 19, 2016- )

Logo: We see the same horses from the 2009 logo, but when they run, some of the smoke goes to the screen. The smoke fades, and a gold LD logo can be seen. A light surrounds the "D". The word "ENTERTAINMENT" wipes right as the logo zooms in.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: The same stampede and the fanfare from the 2009 logo, but the fanfare is shortened.

Music/Sounds Variant: On Jackie, the fanfare is replaced by a sample of "Till It's Gone" from Yelawolf.

Availability: Current. Seen on Judy, We're the Racers, Fast Color, Risen, The Biggest Little Farm and other upcoming films.

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