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CNF-Anima was initially founded in 2004 as an animation subsidiary that was previously owned by the Centre of National Film studio. In 2011, the studio became independent and spun off from CNF, being renamed into KinoAtis.


1st Logo (March 18, 2010)

Logo: It's just the original Centre of National Film logo without any indicator whatsoever.

Technique: See original CNF logo.

Music/Sounds: See original CNF logo.

Availability: Only seen on Space Dogs (Белка и Стрелка: звёздные собаки).

2nd Logo (April 11, 2011-2015?)

Logo: It's simply an in-credit notice that reads:

Министерство Культуры
Российской Федерации

The "производства "ЦНФ-Анима" text fades in below. The result is translated to:

The Ministry of Culture
of the Russian Federation
a film
by "CNF-Anima"

Variant: Starting with the 9th episode of Белка и Стрелка: Озорная Семейка, the "производства "ЦНФ-Анима" text was replaced with "производства "КиноАтис" to coincide with the studio being renamed.

Technique: The studio name appearing.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Appeared at the beginning of episodes of Space Dogs Family (Белка и Стрелка: Озорная семейка).

Legacy: This is seemingly a placeholder for the logo below.


(February 13, 2013- )

Logo: On a black background, we see letters forming "KinoAtis" word in English or Russian. A rectangle with "к" and "а" appears. The logo zooms in and becomes slowly darker, making the whole background black.


  • There is a longer version used on movies where the letters fly and the rectangles zoom in (along with the letters that form "KinoAtis") at the beginning. It also goes a bit slower.
  • On Белка и Стрелка: Тайны космоса, the logo is sped up and has no sound at all.
  • In the show reel, when the logo zooms in, it also shines while zooming.

Technique: The letters flying, the logo forming and zooming in.

Music/Sounds: A calm string tune.

Availability: First appeared on the trailer to the Белка и Стрелка musical and the Белка и Стрелка: Лунные приключения movie. Then, it wasseen on Планета Ai (Ai Planet), and Olympic special cartoons for the Sochi 2014 games. It also plasters the in-credit notice on some of the YouTube prints of the episodes of Space Dogs Family.

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