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Descriptions by
naxo-olé, Logohub, and AnimeTVLogos

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Logo: From a first-person perspective, a door opens. The camera then pans over to the left, showing a stereotypical 1940s office (that looks like Eddie Valiant's office from Who Framed Roger Rabbit) with the logo on the window. The camera then pans over to the desk, which has an old school telephone, typewriter, glasses, and a newspaper, among other things. The camera then slowly pans to the right of the desk, and then up to the logo on the window, which is a neon sign blinking on and off. It has "KACE" in big capital letters, while "International" is written in cursive connecting to the rectangle that surrounds the logo.

Technique: The panning of the camera, the logo blinking on and off. This logo must've been made by the same person who made the Hendring logo, due to the similar production techniques, lengths, and both companies being based in the United Kingdom.

Music/Sounds: Jazz music, the phone ringing, and the woman, who sounds like Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, saying "Kace International"

Availability: Very rare. It can be seen on the VHS for Bauhaus - Shadow of Light and possibly other music video tapes from them.

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