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'''Music/Sounds:''' None.
'''Music/Sounds:''' None.
'''Availability:''' Ultra rare. It was a surprise to see it surface on YouTube.
'''Availability:''' Unknown.
=== 3rd Logo (1957) ===
=== 3rd Logo (1957) ===

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KUHT is a PBS affiliate located in Houston, Texas. It signed on in 1953 as America's first public television station and, therefore, the first NET station (WNET wouldn't join it until September 1962). Circa 1989, KUHT introduced the moniker "Houston Public Television" and in 2001, "HoustonPBS". Currently, it is under the moniker "Houston Public Media".

1st Logo (1953-1975)

Logo: In Venus Bold Extended, the words "KUHT FILM PRODUCTION" are shown on screen like this:



The words then flicker quickly or disappear.


  • On color films, the words "KUHT FILM PRODUCTION" are in yellow while the background is black.
  • A variant found in 1956 had "channel 8" in place of "FILM" and "HOUSTON" in place of "PRODUCTION".

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Common. Can be seen on the beginning and end prints of old programs from the University of Houston produced by KUHT Film Production prior to 1975.

2nd Logo (1955)

Logo: We see a grayish background with three variations of gray on each side. The word "CHANNEL" is seen in a white outlined box. Next to it is the number "8" on a ball facing right. The letters "KUHT" are positioned facing right in a three dimensional fashion. An arrow can be seen under the "8" ball and "KUHT". Below both of those is the word "HOUSTON", in a similar box to "CHANNEL".

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Unknown.

3rd Logo (1957)

Logo: KUHT's logo from the time is shown. This involves a "K" that has a college graduate hat on, circular eyes with no pupils, two ripples for a mouth, a bow tie, and what seems to be a teacher's pointer pointing at an "8". Beneath the "8" and next to the "K" is "UHT" in a smaller font. Afterwards, the logo fades out.

Technique: Fading effects.

Music/Sounds: An announcer says "The pioneer of American educational television, this is KUHT-TV Channel 8 in Houston".

Availability: Completely extinct. Was seen before some programs as a station ID. The existence of the station ident is shown on Episode 3 of 100 Years of Houston: KUHT TV (1947-1957). Other than that, no-recorded on-screen footage of the logo is known to exist.

4th Logo (1956)

Logo: On a light gray background, we see the text:

K 8

in Futura in black.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Like all previous logos, extinct. It was probably used a station ID.

5th Logo (1956)

Logo: Proceeding the 4th logo, we see a dark gray background with a chalkboard with the word "KUHT" repeated on it three times. Next to the board is a white "8". Behind the "8" is a barely visible outline of a body with a college graduate hat and a stick, pointing to the chalkboard.

Technique: Fading effects.

Music/Sounds: There's an announcer, but no music.

Availability: Extinct. This, like the 4th logo, may have been an ID.

6th Logo (1958-19??)

Logo: Just an in-credit logo with the words "BY KUHT". "KUHT" is bigger than the word "BY" and under it.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Extinct. Was seen after some programs.

7th Logo (September 2, 1975-1977)

Logo: On a black/opal background, we see 8 rectangles wiping from the top and bottom 3 times, with them switching positions. Then, the rectangles then chase each other, confined to a invisible rounded rectangle shape, before they link together in 2 segmented circles. As the circles turn, they slowly move right as they get wider and wider, eventually morphing into a rope-like "8". "KUHT HOUSTON" then appears next to the "8".

Variants: There are two main variants.

  • A rare filmed variant with a plain blue background exists.
  • On Galveston: The Gilded Age of the Golden Aisle, Bishop's Place fades in front of the 8.

Technique: Motion-controlled animation.

Music/Sounds: A drum and brass ensemble with air effects and an announcer saying "This is a presentation of KUHT Houston."

Availability: Near extinction. Seen on Legacy in Sound: The Struggle, which can be found at the University of Houston's Digital Library (where you can see the 1st, 5th, and 7th logos). The earliest confirmed sighting was on September 2, 1975. The filmed variant was seen on The Real World of Economics.

8th Logo (January 1978-1983)

Logo: On a starfield, we see "KUHT" in a gold-outlined font, with "HOUSTON, TEXAS" below it (in blue), rotate clockwise slowly. As it does this, it sparkles.

Variant: Sometimes, it will have a black background and the animation is longer, had two copies, and both completely turn all the way.

Technique: Motion-controlled animation.

Music/Sounds: A space-like synth theme, sampled from the beginning of "Oxygene Part 1" by Jean Michel Jarre.

Music/Sounds Variant: The black background version uses a descending, dark synth tune with a clang halfway.

Availability: Near extinction. Seen on shows from the era, such as A Cronkite Perspective and Signing with Cindy. Its longer counterpart was seen on Confrontation at Hidalgo. Older prints should have this logo intact.

9th Logo (Late 1970's-1980's)

Logo: Set on a black background, we see a red silhouetted outline of the Houston skyline zooming toward us and wiping itself in over a blue grid that moves. When a star disappears, the "8" from the 7th logo, now colored yellow, zooms out and spins itself to the left, while "KUHT" simultaneously zooms out to the center from the bottom left corner of the screen. When they settle in place, two sparkles can be seen simultaneously on the logo.

Variant: A blonde-haired female musician who is singing about KUHT.

Technique: Scanimate and motion-controlled animation.

Music/Sounds: Probably the opening theme, just like the 1979 auction they aired this on.

Availability: Extinct. Used as a program intro tag back then.

10th Logo (1983)

Logo: Over a black background, we see a blue ribbon with some red and white stripes and a white circle with a blue outline in the middle. The ribbon reads "CELEBRATING" on the left and "30 YEARS" on the right. At the top, the circle reads "*KUHT*" and at the bottom, the text reads "*HOUSTON TEXAS*". Inside the ribbon circle, a bronze version of the "8" in the previous logos slowly rotates clockwise.

Technique: Only the 8 rotating.

Music/Sounds: An upward square wave synth scale that later decreases at the end.

Availability: Extinct. It was used during their 30th anniversary as a closing bumper. Only three sources are known to exist.

11th Logo (1983-Late 1988)

Logo: The same logo from the 8th logo slides in from the top of the screen at a tilted position, then settles into place, a la Parade Video. Sparkles can be seen on the logo.

Technique: Motion-controlled animation.

Music/Sounds: A timpani drum roll.

Availability: Near extinction. Seen on old prints of shows from the era, such as 40,000 Window Panes.

12th Logo (1985-September 30, 1993)

Logo: On a gray stone/white paint background we see a marble square with the following text on it:


Then a marble rectangle containing "Presents" in white slides in from the right.

Variants: As with other PBS logos, there were variations that aired as Legal ID's:

  • A local version exists where two bigger rectangles slide in from the right and on the right one, we see the byline reading "University of Houston Association for Community Television". Finally, green pieces of the "8" logo fly in in and then form the number.
  • A still variant exists. It was also seen as a sign on/sign off without the UH/ACT byline.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: A piano and synth trumpet fanfare.

Music/Sounds Variants: The following was used locally:

  • With animation:
    • 1985-1990: An extended version of the music with a male announcer saying "KUHT, Houston Public Television".
    • 1990-199?: A later local variant had a female announcer saying "This is Channel 8, KUHT, Houston Public Television."
  • No animation:
    • 199?-1992: No music, just a female announcer saying "This is KUHT, Houston."
    • 1992: Same as the 1990 animated variant, but the audio is shortened.
    • 1992-1993: Same as before, but with a different female announcer.

Availability: Found on locally produced programs of the time, such as Almanac, The Capitol Report, and Ryan's Roundtable. The local version is extinct.

13th Logo (October 1-December 31, 1993)

Logo: We see a flashback of the previous logos from the first to the fourth one, until we fade into the "8" logo in green on 2 ripped pieces of papers (purple behind pink) and a pink rectangle on a purple/black gradient background with confetti. Below the "8" is the text "HOUSTON PUBLIC TELEVISION" and a green marquee with a blue dropshadow and the text "F O R T Y Y E A R S".

Technique: Same as all the previous logos, plus the confetti.

Music/Sounds: A calm synth/piano tune.

Availability: Ultra rare, considering it was used for their 40th anniversary, but then again, most local shows produced during this cycle will preserve this.

14th Logo (1993-2001)

Logo: On a yellow background with a rotating sun and moving colored streaks, we see an indigo square containing a curve that glows to reveal that it was part of an eclipse/sunburst like object. Below the logo is "Houston Public Television".


  • The logo was sampled by Lark International, KUHT's previous owner, who also owned KCTS and WTVS.
  • The eclipse/sunburst would survive into the 2000's logo, albeit modified to go through an 8.


  • A local variant exists. We see a close-up look of earth. We pan to the right of the globe. Suddenly, a flash appears and it continues normally, but the curve does not glow as long nor bright and starting in 1997, the following text appears in order; "Channel 8 KUHT", "University of Houston System", and "ACT", and then the text disappears. The background has smoke.
  • There's a still version.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: A five note synth bell with a drumbeat at the end.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The still variant has the announcer say "This is KUHT, Houston Public Television.", or "KUHT, Houston".
  • On the local variant, a longer version of the music plays (with a piano added), and an announcer (Bob Ford) says the following, which there were 4 known renditions:
  • 1993?-1995?: "From the University of Houston System, in cooperation with the Association for Community Television, this is Channel 8, KUHT, Houston Public Television." Probably just a sign on variant.
  • 1993?-1997?: "This is KUHT, Houston Public Television."
  • 1997?-1999?: "From the campus of the University of Houston, this is Channel 8, KUHT Houston, aservice of the University of Houston System, and supported by the Association for Community Television."
  • 1999?-2001?: "This is the channel that changes you, Channel 8, KUHT, Houston Public Television."

Availability: Rare. Apart from locally produced programs that also contain the previous logos, it can be seen on The American Woodshop, Live at the Woodlands, Video Workshop, and Tiger Cruise. It was also used as a local ident until 2001.

15th Logo (February 1, 1999-2001)

Logo: On a marble sea green-white background, we see many eclipse/sunburst-like object surrounding the square with the eclipse/sunburst-like object from before and text zoom out as a yellow abstract eclipse turns white, but the square is bigger and the "Houston Public Television" text is in blue and set in Helvetica Bold. The text flips in in a curtain vent like style. Finally, the logo and text shine and the "eclipse" glows.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo.

Availability: Apart from local shows like The Capitol Report, it appears on the national PBS documentary The Story of Jesse H. Jones. However, the previous logo was used as a station ident.

16th Logo (2001-March 2, 2014)

Logo: On a moving blue-yellow gradient background, a blue "8" is seen with a sea green outline of itself behind it with a pointy curve with a spike going through it. Above the "8", we see the text "HoustonPBS". we see both shine and the curved spike in the "8" sparkle. Along with that, in the background, we see transparent text and 8's move. The text in the background reads "Houston" and "PBS", respectively.

Trivia: This logo was made by Andrew Kramer.


  • An enhanced, widescreen variant was used from 2007 to 2014. Once it was used locally, it had "KUHT-TV" below.
  • The local station ID's are longer:
    • 2001-2007?: Several white ovals draw in and get stretched and squashed, all in different positions. In the background, the text starts to fade in and shrink. The 8 glows in and "Houston" slides in, and "PBS" rotates per letter. several white glowing lines go up and down the 8. A shimmering comet forms the curved spike and glows vividly. It continues normally afterwards.
    • 2007: March 2, 2014: The whole logo slides in and the curve can be seen being drawn. There are also bubbles behind the logo. It usually was superimposed onto the Houston skyline (one has it at night), a statue, a Ferris wheel, etc.
  • Another local ID used a dark blue/blue gradient bubbly background, which also had the URL.
  • There is a variant where "Presents" was also seen.
  • There are also some test ID's.


  • Normal: The shining and sparkling.
  • Local: The glowing of the 8 and the comet, in addition to the normal animation.

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Local variations have Bob Ford saying:
    • "This is KUHT-TV, Channel 8, HoustonPBS."
    • "From the Leroy and Lucille Melcher Center for public broadcasting, this KUHT-TV, Channel 8, HoustonPBS."
  • Sometimes the local variants have the action as the audio besides the announcer.
  • The test ID are silent.


  • Original: Rare. Seen on programming of the time, such as InnerVIEWS and Arts Insight.
  • Local ID's: Extinct, but was thankfully posted to HoustonPBS' YouTube channel
  • Test ID's: Never used on television, but was uploaded to HoustonPBS' YouTube channel.

17th Logo (200?-March 2, 2014)

Logo: On a blue tinted background, we see the Houston skyline when all of a sudden, "HoustonPBS National", in silver, appears via a shining effect and slowly zooms in.

Technique: "HoustonPBS National" appearing.

Music/Sounds: A synthesized note followed by a phasing sound.

Availability: Same as the previous logo.

18th Logo (March 3, 2014-February 19, 2015)

Logo: We see a red screen which is then divided into squares that flip and shine. It reveals an odd looking stretched red square and the text "Houston Public Media" zooming out on an aurora background.

Trivia: This logo was created at Locke Bryan Productions, Inc., and animated by Kenny Benitez and Cameron Deutschendorf.


  • A longer version exists as a local variant. The text would fade in as the "square" zooms out to a comfortable distance.
  • A version exists where on a black background, the logo's parts fly in to its places.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: A five-note synth bell tune followed by strings. Composed by Alan Villatoro.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On the local variant, the logo starts with a synthesized flare, with a female announcer saying "This is KUHT, Houston Public Media, TV 8." On the toolkit montage, the voiceover is missing.
  • The other variant has a piano tune.


  • Original: See above.
  • Local ID: Extinct.

19th Logo (February 20, 2015-2020)

Logo: On a gray-white background, we see the same logo settle into the closeup transparent logo background. "Houston Public Media" slides in from behind the logo, while a line expands in. Finally, the byline "TV 8 News 88.7 Classical 91.7" slides below the line. The logo sparkles. As all this happens, we also see a shining transparent ribbon looking like this:



  • Local:
    • We see a closeup of the logo and then it continues as normal.
    • Sometimes, it just animates regularly and the regular byline is replaced with the byline "KUHT-HOUSTON".
    • Sometimes, it had a red bar on the left side without the closeup segment.
    • There's a prototype version with a gray background and different sparkling. Again, it was spotted with the "KUHT-HOUSTON" byline.
    • Starting in mid 2015, both bylines are used.
  • Sometimes at the beginning of the show, the logo is on the left with the show's name on the right, without the ribbon. The closing version has the regular logo positioning, but with a copyright stamp reading (© *year* Houston Public Media".
  • Starting on April 22, 2016, the ribbon is missing and the text reads "TV 8 | PBS". Below is " News and Information | Arts & Culture | Education".
  • Starting on July 14, 2016, the last time the logo was used, the logo, now unstacked, is 2D, and either "TV 8 | PBS" is lower down to make room for "A SERVICE OF THEUNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON", and the letters just fade in, except for "TV 8" and "PBS" which slide from "|", or just a line expands, and the UH byline slides, along with the same copyright stamp.

Technique: All CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo. On the new variant, it begins with the flare, but without the strings. This version was also used for the older variant.

Local Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The same local audio variant as the previous, but a bit shifted.
  • On the "KUHT-HOUSTON" variants, the announcer says "This is Houston Public Media, KUHT Houston, TV 8."
  • There was a variant where the announcer says "This is Houston Public Media, KUHT Houston, TV 8, broadcast from the University of Houston, Houston's public tier-one university."


  • Normal: Current. It is seen on Arts Insight.
  • Local ID's: Extinct.

20th Logo (June 19, 2015-2020)

Logo: We see some images from the University of Houston and the HPM logo in 2D. We the fade in to a certain scene of the UH with the text "UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON" and "A CARNEGIE DESIGNATED TIER-ONE PUBLIC RESEARCH UNIVERSITY" with a line drawing onto the logo. There are three known variants.

Technique: 2D effects.

Music/Sounds: A rock theme and the same female announcer saying (in a different take) "This is Houston Public Media, KUHT-Houston, TV 8, broadcast from the University of Houston, Houston's public tier-one University."

Availability: Only seen as a local ID. It is used occasionally with the next one below.

21st Logo (April 1, 2016-2020)

Logo: We see a white screen. It opens up to reveal a Houston-related scene (either the skyline, the station in its HoustonPBS years, a big yellow heart, or a hill). The Houston Public Media logo (complete with "TV 8 | PBS") fades in and zooms out. The position varies:

  • Skyline: Non-stacked on top.
  • Station: Stacked to the right.
  • Heart: Stacked to the left.
  • Hill: Non-stacked on top.

Variant: Starting on July 22, 2016, "TV 8 | PBS" is slightly lower down to make space for "A SERVICE OF THEUNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON".

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds/Voice-over: Same as the 12th logo's early-to mid variant, but the voiceover comes in a bit later.

Availability: Only used as a station ID.

22nd Logo (July 2016-February 19, 2020)


  • Opening: On a black background, we see the same logo from above, but 2D, and solid red. It jarringly shifts backwards, and then just when it shifts back to its original position, the background turns red and the logo turns white. The logo again shifts backwards, and the background becomes a white background with gray gradient in the corners. The logo slides to the left to reveal "Houston Public Media", stacked, which slides to the right. "A SERVICE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON" fades in below "Houston Public Media". Everything zooms in.
  • Closing: Same as the final result, but the logo is on top of "Houston Public Media", which is on top of 'A SERVICE OF THEUNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON", which is now stacked as well. The whole thing fades and zooms in, except for a copyright stamp below.

Technique: CGI.


  • Opening: A three note piano tune.
  • Closing: A piano chord.

Availability: Was used online.

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