Intervisión Ltda.

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1st Logo (1977-1986)


Logo: An abstract "V" zooms out with many colored trails on a black background. Once it's done, it "flashes in black" on neon blue outline and the texts "inter" on blue-cyan on the left, and "isión" on neon outlined blue, appear flashing on white with the "V". It then repeats twice until it cuts to black.

Technique: The V zooming out, the texts appearing.

Music/Sounds: A long triumphant fanfare, with an announcer.

Availability: Unknown outside Colombia.

2nd Logo (1986-1991)

IntervisionColombia (1986-1991).png

Logo: TBA

Technique: TBA

Music/Sounds: An synth theme which goes from Feature Presentation to Comedy-like, with a whoosh and then the announcer says "Intervisión presenta, el siguiente programa:"

Availability: TBA.

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