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Hi-Gloss Entertainment is a Australian mini-major film distributor mainly known for distributing independent and arthouse films from the European countries and non-European countries from the period. Notable releases are Like Crazy (2016) and Benedetta (2021).

1st Logo (2012?-2013)

Logo: On a white screen, we see the then current logo, but without "Gloss" on the left of the screen, but appears quite invisible. Underneath on bottom is the company name in black thin font, and the words "PRESENTS" below.

Technique: None, it's a bland logo.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Very rare due to short lifespan. This was a placeholder logo, and was mostly seen on one Australian releases of foreign-language films and documentaries from the period until it was replaced by the next logo.

2nd Logo (2013?-present)

Logo: On a black background, we first see the spotlight moving from right to left, showing inverted text "Gloss" on a teal green screen, then when spotlight hits over the screen, we see "Hi" from the first logo, reveals it on the left, and when "Gloss" text is invisible, we then show to a result of the current print logo, with the parts of the name fading in a gaussian blur effect: the name "Gloss" fades in away in a same teal green text as the screen, and the words "ENTERTAINMENT" in white, fades in below on the "Hi" symbol, then blur dissolve away to reveal it sharpen.

Technique: Amazing 2D/3D CGI animation.


  • 2013-2014?: None.
  • 2014?-present: The 80s guitar-like theme, ending in an 2 dings when the result were finished.

Availability: Quite common in Australia. Currently seen on all releases of films of the era like Like Crazy (2016). In New Zealand, where Vendetta Films were distributed most film releases in 2021, example is Benedetta and A Hero, it was replaced by the Vendetta Films 2015 logo on trailers and actual film itself.

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