Guthy-Renker Australia & New Zealand

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Logo: We open on a white background with an up-close spinning white and blue globe on it. Some white ribbons fly around the globe, making a "whoosh" noise and leaving some lens flare effects behind, as we pan left across it. Grid lines also draw themselves on the globe from the ribbons as it becomes entirely blue in color, and stylized. The entire logo zooms out and becomes a flat object, with grey lines extending from behind the globe. This leaves only the upper left quadrant of the globe visible. The globe continues to rotate until we see it from the North Pole end in a 3/4 perspective. As the globe zooms out, we see the company name "Guthy-Renker" (in a lovely blue color) fly into the screen from the bottom, zooming out until it applies itself below the globe icon. It lands as another lens flare effect slides across the screen and the words "Australia & New Zealand" fade in below it, also in the same blue color. The logo is still after all this.

Technique: The spinning globe, the flying/whooshing ribbons, the grid lines drawing themselves, the globe rotating and zooming out, the company name flying in, the lens flares, the fading in of the text.

Music/Sounds: A loud synthesized whoosh followed by a low droning noise.

Availability: Apparently found only in Australia.

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