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Descriptions by
mr3urious, LogosForTheWin, MylesMoss1996 and WebWanderer

Captures by

Video captures courtesy of
Broken Saw


This is Jeff Tremaine's production company. It was formerly known as "Jackass Productions" and "Dickhouse Productions".

(May 15, 2014-)

Logo: On a limeish background, we see a sparkly, six-color rainbow slide down from the top of the screen. A filmstrip slips out from the left and intersects the rainbow, and they keep going their separate ways. The rainbow finishes its course, revealing a smaller section of filmstrip with rainbow squares. The word "GORILLA" is on top of this new filmstrip, while "FLICKS" is beneath it; both words are written in a thick, grungy font. The logo jiggles and glitches slightly. Everything mimics the grainy quality of an old projector.


  • On TV prints of Ridiculousness, the logo is still.
  • At the end of Bad Girls, the logo is also still but on a black background with the text changed to white.

Technique: 2D animation. On TV prints of Ridiculousness, none.

Music/Sounds: A projector's countdown beep, followed by the sound of a film projector rolling with a glockenspiel scale when the rainbow comes down (the same one heard in the BRB Productions logo as well as various other media as a sound effect), and a monkey screech (sourced from The Hollywood Edge Premiere Edition Vol. 1) when the logo is finished.

Availability: Seen on the third season of Loiter Squad, as well as season 5 onwards of Ridiculousness and its new spin-offs Deliciousness, Adorableness and Messyness. It also appeared at the end of Bad Trip.

Dickhouse Productions
Gorilla Flicks
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