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Goodtimes Video was a Broadway label that was around from 1999 to 2003.

(June 1999-May 2003)

Logo: On a space background, a shooting star is seen flying from the left, followed by a Jupiter-like planet coming into view from the bottom right. After a few seconds, the same star flies past the planet and out into the frame as it soars around space, eventually twirling at a rapid pace. The star forms the 3D text "Goodtimes" with said object resting above the "i" after forming the company name. The logo radially blurs and transitions to a white background with it intact, except with the star in gold. Three light rays from the star then wipe in.

Technique: The star flying and forming the logo, done in CGI.

Music/Sounds: A dreamy synth soundtrack that becomes more majestic near the end. A glimmer sound is heard as the logo transitions to a white background.

Availability: Ultra rare. There is not much known about this company or its releases. It has been said to appear on a 1999 VHS release of Love Hurts.

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