Fishman-Freer Productions

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Descriptions by
Shadeed A. Kelly and bmasters9

Captures by


Fishman-Freer Productions was an independent production company that was founded in 1973 by Ed Fishman and Randall Freer, that was originally known as "Odyssey Productions". It was renamed to Fishman-Freer Productions on January 14, 1974.

(January 21, 1974-October 1, 1976)

Logo: An in-credit logo with the text,


all in Cooper Black font with a conjoined stylized "F". One appears right side-up, and the other upside-down with a Latin symbol Tilde in the middle to represent the "Conjoined F" underneath the names and above the word "PRODUCTION" with a copyright stamp below.

Variant: On The Fun Factory, a short-lived 1976 NBC game that was from Fishman-Freer and CPT, the closing card had a copyright: "©1976 The Fun Factory, Inc.". The text "in association with COLUMBIA PICTURES TELEVISION" was seen below the copyright stamp. The Fishman-Freer and CPT credits were in the title font of The Jeffersons (the 1975-85 T.A.T./CBS comedy).

Technique: The scrolling of the credits.

Music/Sounds: The end-title theme from any show. On The Fun Factory, a short-lived 1976 NBC game that was from Fishman-Freer and CPT, announcer Jim Thompson said: "The Fun Factory has been an Ed Fishman-Randall Freer Production in association with Columbia Pictures Television."

Availability: Extinct. Last seen on Dealer's Choice, The Diamond Head Game, and The Fun Factory; all were syndicated by Columbia Pictures Television (with the latter two also reran on Game Show Network/GSN).

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