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Logo: On a 3D floor, many diamond pieces are scattered. Then all of the diamond pieces start to fly and two of them fly to the screen. Then the pieces form a shiny diamond and a glass outline forms. Then the glass outline turns into a white line with the text "GEM" in red forming. Then a red line with the text "TV" in white slides onto the screen, aswell as their facebook account and their website appearing under the white line.

Technique: This logo was shown in 3D.

Music/Sounds: a double-chime theme to start with, Then two intense, loud swooshes then the chime continues, then as a *ding* noise is heard the chimes become similar to rock-n-roll. Then another swoosh, aswell as an announcer saying "Gem TV." and then the announcer saying something in Persian.

Availability: Extremely rare.

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