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(July 30, 1984-January 15, 1993)

Logo: On a blue/black gradient background, a gold ribbon emerges from the top of the screen and "draws" to the center of the screen really quickly, making a spiral. The spiral then twists into a stylized "D" and zooms out while moving to the left side of the screen. "OBSON PRODUCTIONS", in gold, then either slides to the right from the "D" or wipes in from left to right. The "D" has what appear to be 2 white triangles rotating inside it throughout the entire logo.


  • Once the logo is done (it is widely confused for being still, but only the text sliding or wiping in is shown), either a copyright shows at the bottom (which may credit Bridget and Jerome Dobson) or "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" shows at the bottom, cutting to the 1989 New World Logo and having the New World or Dobson music play during both logos.
  • Starting around late 1985, the logo would only be shortened to have the text simply wipe in from left to right.
  • There is also a "still" version of the logo. Only the "D" shines in this variant.

Technique: The ribbon moving, the animation for the "D", the zooming and sliding.

Music/Sounds: A triumphant four note synthesized brass fanfare with drumbeats, intended to resemble the Santa Barbara opening theme. From 1989-1993, it used the New World jingle; that pretty much fits with both logos.

Availability: Uncommon; seen on the soap opera Santa Barbara.

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