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Centerpoint was a production company formed in 1981 by the Sentry Insurance Co. They had offices in Los Angeles and New York. They were active in the early-mid 1980s. In 1985, Sentry sold the company to Bill Ellis, Centerpoint's president, and went under that year when an expensive TV series, OceanQuest, flopped.

(October 31, 1983-September 15, 1985)

Logo: On a black background, ten white lines trail in from the middle of the screen and appear while the trails go away. The word "CENTERPOINT" fades in in the middle of the lines.


  • One version has the logo on a darker background.
  • Another version has gold lines.
  • There is an extended version of the logo, where it starts off with a turn-on TV transition (as if you were turning on the television), then the lines (in 3D) zoom in one-by-one; then they turn into 2D of the said thing. The lines glow a bit. Then "CENTERPOINT" fades in.

Technique: The lines trailing in, the appearance of the company name, done by Produce, S.A. in Spain.

Music/Sounds: A lush three-note synthesized tuner with the last note sustaining itself with jingles through the last part. Usually had the closing theme of the program or no music.

Music/Sounds Variant: An extended version of the music exists, and it trails off to the Velvet Film Production stamp.

Availability: Uncommon. Can be found on several TV movies from the 1980s, such as Sadat, The Last Days of Pompeii and The Toughest Man in the World. Also seen on OceanQuest and the first season of Night Heat.

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