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These are the logo variations seen throughout the years by Cartoon Network Studios, with more to be added overtime.

Third Logo Variants

Time Squad

Buck warns Larry not to press a button. Then, while Otto is watching, Larry presses the button, causing a shock where the logo reverts back to normal. The box in Season 1 was baby blue instead of red and lacked the AOL Time Warner byline, while Season 2 used the regular red box and AOL Time Warner byline.

Samurai Jack (Seasons 1-4)

Jack slices the logo's walls, causing the logo to close. Normally, the box was the regular red and featured the AOL Time Warner byline. However, some episodes used an orange box, the "STUDIOS" part shook, a different sword sound was used and lacked the byline (as AOL Time Warner renamed back to Time Warner at this point).

Grim and Evil and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Grim, with a smirk on his face, stands next to Billy and Mandy. He attempts to chop their heads off with his scythe, but fails because they hid in their shirts. Their heads pop out and Billy looks amused while Mandy looks irritated. Grim then gives a confused look. The normal version is set on a black background rather than a white one, and is also bylineless, although a variant exists with the white background and AOL Time Warner byline.

The Flintstones: On the Rocks and Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law (Season 1)

The logo is still. The former special uses it with the AOL Time Warner byline and is silent, while the latter show doesn't use the byline and uses the ending theme.

Dexter's Laboratory (Seasons 3-4)

Dexter stands next to Dee Dee, who slowly presses a button in front of him, causing Dexter to explode. After a flash of light, Dexter appears, scorched and visibly annoyed as a smoke particle drifts out of the logo. The normal version is set on a black background with a neon green box, without the byline. Some late Season 3 episodes use this logo with the regular white background, red box and AOL Time Warner byline respectively. There also exists a filmed variant.

The Powerpuff Girls (Seasons 4-6), The Powerpuff Girls Movie and The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!

The girls, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup each zoom in and beat up Mojo Jojo. Mojo also bumps into the W. This variant first appeared after the credits of The Powerpuff Girls Movie. By Season 6, the byline was switched to "A TimeWarner Company", being the only show to use that variant, alongside Star Wars: Clone Wars. On The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!, the logo is squished.

Star Wars: Clone Wars

On pre-Disney prints, the logo is still on a black background with a Time Warner byline. Seasons 1 and 2 used the "Grungy" font variant, while Season 3 uses the normal version. A Hanna-Barbera sound effect is then heard.

Johnny Bravo (Season 4)

Johnny shows off his poses, then kisses the screen. His lips get stuck in the logo, but he quickly squeezes them out. Beginning with this variant, the logo now uses the design from the standard variant and appears larger on-screen.

Cartoon Network Studios % 28Johnny Bravo variant% 2C 2004% 29 screenshot.png

Megas XLR

Megas shoots a few laser blasts at the screen, then its guns jam. It taps one of its blasters with a confused look. It accidentally fires at the right side of the logo, and it closes without any damage.


Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Mac stands on the red box and blinks. Bloo then appears on the right into the box and tackles Mac. They both smile at each other. This variant was also strangely seen on an CN airing of the first Squirrel Boy episode from May 29, 2006.

Cartoon Network Studios (FHFIF).png

Evil Con Carne (Season 2)

Major Dr. Ghastly is holding a clicker and General Skarr is on a jet pack. Ghastly presses the button on the clicker and Skarr flies around, crashing into the logo, damaging it. He destroys the left side of the logo (as well) and vanishes. Ghastly looks at the audience and the logo closes without any damage.


Camp Lazlo

Lazlo begins to blows a trumpet, and then Scoutmaster Lumpus walks up with a large cork and places it in the trumpet. Lazlo continues to blow on it, making a quieter trumpet sound. This is the first version of the logo to be made in a 16:9 widescreen format.

Cartoon Network Studios (Camp Lazlo).png

The Life and Times of Juniper Lee (Seasons 2-3)

Monsters lift the Cartoon Network part of the logo to escape, but Juniper jumps on top of the logo and squashes the monsters by closing the logo, and then finally jumps away from the screen.

Cartoon Network Studios (The Life and Times of Juniper Lee).png

My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Jake and Adam swing on a vine (Adam, visibly uncomfortable, is being held by Jake). Jake swings off the screen, but Adam hits the edge of the logo. This was the first variant to use a white box.

My Gym Partner% 27s a Monkey - The Big Field Trip Alternate Title Cards % 26 Credits screenshot.png

Squirrel Boy

Rodney accidentally fires a rocket, as it catches Bob Johnson by his shoe, causing a nervous laugh by Rodney at Andy. The "Cartoon Network" text is also slightly larger than normal when the logo is closed.

S02E04 Frag the Dog The Grim Cheaper screenshot.png

Class of 3000

A piano plays and Sunny Bridges appear at the first of the line, smiling and taking his hat off leading the other main characters of the show (Lil' D, Madison, Philly, Tamika, Eddie and Kim) on the ride through the piano. Eventually, Kam falls on to the piano.

Ben 10 franchise:

  • Ben 10 (Seasons 3-4) and Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix: Ben turns on the Omnitrix, chooses an alien and pushes the button, triggering a flash of green light. This variant uses a gray box, and use the "Grungy" variant of the logo. The logo also opens wider than usual.
  • Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Alien Swarm and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: We see a close-up of a grown-up Ben's eyes. We then zoom out on him and as he does in the Ben 10 original variant, he pushes the button on the Omnitrix, triggering a flash of green light. Before the flash, Ben turns into a silhouette. This variant uses a black background and a white box. Also, it uses the ending theme of the show.
Cartoon Network Studios (variety of Ben 10 shows).png

On the latter, the logo is slowed down and it doesn't close after the flash of green light.

Out of Jimmy's Head

Two of Jimmy's cartoon friends, Pickles and Prickles, hit each other with hammers. The logo also shakes when this happens even when the box is closed.

Cartoon Network Studios - Out of Jimmy% 27s Head % 28EXTREMELY RARE% 21% 21% 21% 29 screenshot.png


Chowder walks by with a bag of food. He eats the "O" in "NETWORK". An apple falls out of the bag and replaces the "O" as the logo closes.

Cartoon Network Studios (Chowder).jpg

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Takes place in a white box and the logo is already opened. Flapjack is seen with Captain K'nuckles. Flapjack is giggling in a really annoying way. K'nuckles gets annoyed and pulls the top of the logo, closing it. On the episode "Flapjack Goes to a Party/Rye Ruv Roo", Flapjack's laughter is replaced by him barking like a dog.

Cartoon Network Studios (The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack).jpg

Underfist: Halloween Bash

The original 2001 logo is shown, but with a still zooming picture of Hoss Delgado with his banana nunchuks (which is tinted in green) and Billy (voiced by Richard Horvitz) saying "All that work and nothin' to show for it!"


Adventure Time (Season 1)

Finn pokes Jake, as he becomes larger and larger, roaring and squeezing aside him. As he does this, Finn laughs.

Cartoon Network Studios (Adventure Time, S1).png

Generator Rex (Season 1)

Rex turns his back into a jet engine, blasting off in the process while smiling, but he crashes into the logo when it closes, which causes the logo to shake. Like with the Ben 10 variant, this variant uses the "Grungy" version of the logo.

Cartoon Network Studios Cartoon Network % 28Generator Rex% 2C 2010% 29 screenshot.png


On the title card for the episode "Pilot Expansion" (2014), the logo is shown.

Clarence - Pilot Expansion title card (2014).PNG

Fourth Logo Variants

Regular Show (Seasons 1-4)

The right-most square features a clip from the episode "Prank Callers", whereas the sound clip of them laughing is from the episode "Death Punchies".


Sym-Bionic Titan

In the right-most square, a clip from the episode "Neighbors in Disguise" is seen with the camera panning up to the Titan robot's head, with Lance saying "Form Titan!".

Sym Bionic Titan - Credits % 282010% 29 screenshot.png

Adventure Time (Seasons 2-5)

The right-most square features a clip from the episode "The Enchiridion!", with Finn saying "This party is so crazy!" This is one of the two variants where the fourth square doesn't turn white at the end.


Tower Prep, Level Up and Incredible Crew

Only the first three squares appear. The fourth square doesn't appear at all. This variant also features a deep synthesized version of the same four-note CN jingle.

Generator Rex (Seasons 2-3)

The right-most square features a clip from the episode "The Day That Changed Everything", with Rex transforming.

Ben 10 generator Rex heroes United screenshot.png

The Problem Solverz

The right-most square features a clip from the episode "Videogamez", with Alfe dancing against a yellow-red striped background. Like the Adventure Time variant, the fourth square doesn't turn white.


Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

The right-most square features a clip of the episode "Funstro", with The Fart saying "All right, who used the last of the purple stuff?"

SMFA Better Quality.PNG.png

Firebreather (TV airings)

The right-most square features a clip of Duncan performing his signature fire-breathing move.

Ben 10: Omniverse (Seasons 1-4), Powerpuff Girls (2014 special) and Tome of the Unknown

The logo animates as usual, however no clip is featured in the fourth square. This variant also features a deep synthesized version of the same four-note CN jingle.

Fifth Logo Variants

Uncle Grandpa

A clip plays from the episode "Funny Face" with the character Beary Nice saying "That was quite delicious".

Cartoon Network Studios (Uncle Grandpa).jpg

Another variant with the three main characters in claymation cheering can be found on the episode "Guest Directed Shorts".

CN Studios logo (Guest Directed Shorts variant, 2015).png

Long Live The Royals, Summer Camp Island, Ben 10 (2016 reboot, since Season 2) and The Fungies!

The box shows a clip from its respective episode.

Regular Show (Seasons 5-8) and Regular Show: The Movie

The box shows the same clip and sound effect from the previous logo.

TsODNLo i0gtRRYayK-1ZQ85987.jpg

Adventure Time (Seasons 5-10)

The box shows the same clip from the previous logo.

Cartoon network 2013 - adventure time.png

Steven Universe, Steven Universe: The Movie and Steven Universe Future

Steven is thrown by Amethyst over to Garnet, who then throws him to Pearl. Pearl then throws him up into the air, and the box closes. This variant is animated in a similar style to the third logo, with a rough sketch style.

Cartoon Network Studios (Steven Universe series).jpg


Vulk shouts "Remix!" and then scratches a rainbow-colored Cubit on his turntable. This is the only variant of this logo to have a copyright stamp beneath the logo. On other episodes of the show, the logo is still. Starting with the second season, the scratching sounds are different and a copyright stamp is removed.

Cartoon Network Studios (Mixels).jpg

Ben 10: Omniverse (Seasons 5-8)

11-year-old Ben hits his Omnitrix, with visible frustration when it doesn't work. Every episode has a different sound effect played over him hitting the Omnitrix.

B10 0 var.PNG.png

Clarence (Pilot)

Clarence holds up a chicken, which then scratches at his face.

Clarence % 282014% 29.png


A cardboard cutout of Clarence is shown, flopping around and whistling.

Cartoon Network Studios (Clarence).png

Over The Garden Wall

An eerie animation of Wirt and Greg's shadows is shown, which looks like it was sketched out using pencils.

Cartoon Network Studios (Over the Garden Wall).png

Black Dynamite (Season 2)

The box shows scenes of Black Dynamite fighting.

Cartoon Network Studios (Black Dynamite).jpg

We Bare Bears (Pilot)

The box shows a clip of Panda saying "We should probably leave before someone calls the popo".

Screenshot 2016-06-12 at 20.16.46.png

We Bare Bears

An animation is shown of the three main characters, with Grizzly typing on a laptop. He shouts "Done!" and raises his hand, followed by Panda and Ice Bear also shouting "Done!". This variant is animated in a similar style to the third logo, with a rough sketch style.

Cartoon Network Studios (We Bare Bears).png

Episodes centering on the bears as kids use a different animatic of the cubs in a box, falling. This was used for the episodes "The Road", "Pet Shop", "The Island" and "Baby Bears on a Plane".

Cartoon Network Studios (WBB The Road and Pet Shop).png

The Powerpuff Girls (2016 reboot)

The box shows the Powerpuff Girls' voice actors dressed up in their respective characters' attire and flying through the sky, with their color streaks trailing behind them. This does not appear on the Teen Titans Go!/The Powerpuff Girls (2016 reboot) crossover episode "TTG v PPG".

Screenshot 2016-06-12 at 20.23.14.png

Mighty Magiswords

Prohyas is holding a Muscle Magisword (in color), which he then activates. The camera pans to an unsuspecting Vambre (with Grup), and her left arm suddenly enlarges, breaking the right side of the logo. There is a different variant in the episode "Let's Team Up Because We Aren't Bad Friends" where Scarriet says "What's a Cartoon Network?", then Witchy Simone says "Don't worry about it.".

Ben 10 (2016 reboot, Season 1)

A clip of the episode "The Filth" is shown of Four Arms exclaiming "Time to throw stuff!". Starting with the episode "Out to Launch", the logo uses a clip from its respective episode.

Screenshotter--TAIBen102016Episode27HindiDubbeddontlazemebro-11% 3F20% 3F.jpg

Infinity Train:

Pilot: The box shows the scene from the pilot where Tulip asks Atticus if he wants to go outside, to which he eventually agrees.


Book One: For episodes one to nine, Tulip's hand, against a backdrop of the Wasteland, with her number rapidly changing. On episode ten (the final episode of Book One), Tulip's number reaches zero and a bright green light fills the screen.

Book Two: For episodes one to nine, MT (Mirror Tulip; later known as Lake) looking at her reflection in her hand while on board the Infinity Train. On episode ten (the final episode of Book Two), Lake looking at her reflection in her hand, but now in the real world. She smiles hopefully.

Book Three: Grace, Simon, Hazel, Amelia, and Tuba’s hands with their numbers are shown. The logo changes from episode-to-episode depending on how many of them are remaining or added to the group at that point.

  • On episode one, Simon and Grace's hands, with their numbers, with the floor of the Mall Car in the background.
  • On episode two, Simon and Grace's hands are joined by those of Tuba and Hazel's, prominently showing their numbers (and lack thereof), against the background of the Jungle Car's ground. Hazel's hand waves playfully.
  • On episode three, Simon, Grace, Hazel, and Tuba's hands, against a background of the floor of the Debutante Ball Car. Hazel's hand continues to wave playfully.
  • On episode four, Simon, Grace, Tuba, and Hazel's hands against a backdrop of snow. Grace's hand is covered by her glove, Hazel's hand continues to wave playfully.
  • On episode five, against the background of the Campfire Car, Tuba's hand is now gone, Grace's hand is still covered, and Hazel's hand, rather than waving playfully, fearfully trembles in its turtle form with webbed fingers and claws.
  • On episode six, Simon, Grace, and Hazel's hands are now joined by Amelia's, against a background of the Canyon of the Golden Winged Snakes Car.
  • On episode seven, Simon, Hazel, Amelia, and Grace's hands, against a background of the grotto the group camped out in.
  • On episode eight, Simon, Hazel, Amelia, and Grace's hands, against a backdrop of the Hey Ho Whoa Car, with the white screen of Grace's memory projection visible in the background.
  • On episode nine, Against a background of static, Simon's number rises while Grace's still-gloved hand is gradually covered in static.
  • On episode ten (the final episode of Book Three), Grace is back in the Mall Car as she was in "The Musical Car," but she is now alone, as her number rapidly descends down her arm, reaching her wrist before the tag closes.

Book Four: From episodes one to nine, Ryan and Min-Gi's hands with their numbers are shown. On episode ten (the final episode of Book Four), Min-Gi's hands are shown holding a Stylophone, while Ryan's hand is shown holding a guitar pick.

Victor and Valentino (Pilot)

The box shows Chupacabra saying "Oh, a fine choice little man!" to Victor and Valentino.

CN Studios Victor and Valentino.jpg

Victor and Valentino

The box shows the scene from the episode "Dead Ringer" where Victor lifts up Valentino's shirt and starts slapping his chest, as they both laugh.

Screenshotter--VictorAndValentinoCredits-0% 3F13% 3F.png

Samurai Jack (Season 5)

The box shows the scene from the episode "XCII" with a close-up of Jack's face. Sword sound effects are played as the box opens and closes.

Cartoon Network Studios (Williams Street episodes of Samurai Jack).png


The box shows a scene of Spear riding Fang, while holding a spear in his hand. On Primal: Tales From Savagery, the scene is strangely smaller.

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

We're shown an animatic of the main cast flying towards the camera while showing off their Power Moves, before then ending on a closeup of K.O.'s face. This logo is a reference and a homage to the 1994 "All-Stars" Hanna-Barbera logo, as it features the same general concept of that logo, along with the classic H-B sound effects.


Craig of the Creek (Pilot)

A clip is shown of Kelsey shouting "Bad boys for life!" followed by J.P. excitedly agreeing.


Craig of the Creek

A clip plays from the episode "Jessica Goes to the Creek" with Craig saying "Just like I drew it!"

CNS logo Craig of the Creek.png

Summer Camp Island (Pilot)

A clip is shown of a shirt in an open drawer saying "Oh my gosh, hi!"


Apple & Onion (Pilot)

The box shows a scene of Apple saying "We're already doing it, baby!"

Apple & Onion

The box shows Apple and Onion staring at the ground, before they then look up and face the camera. The camera then zooms into an extreme closeup of their faces.

Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart

The box shows Mao Mao backing up, before then charging into the camera with his sword. He stares angrily at the viewer as the box closes.

Screenshotter--CartoonNetworkStudiosTitmouse2019-0% 3F04% 3F.png

JJ Villard's Fairy Tales

The box shows the main character from that episode doing something.

Adventure Time: Distant Lands

BMO: The box shows a scene of BMO raising their broken arm & saying “Good babies.”

Obsidian: The box shows Marceline floating in the air saying "Oh, come on, you love it."

Together Again: The same logo from seasons 5-10 of Adventure Time is used.

Wizard City: The box shows Cadebra, during her audition, saying “Do not attempt at home!”

Close Enough (Seasons 1-2)

The box shows Josh and Emily high-fiving and chest-bumping each other.

Cartoon Network Studios (2020, Close Enough variant).png

Trick Moon (Pilot)

The box shows a clip from the pilot of Pocket kicking Trickshot in the face.

Cartoon Network Studios (Trick Moon variant).png

The Wonderful Wingits (Pilot)

The box shows puppets of Tim and Iris taking a bow.


Tig N' Seek

The box shows Gweeseek meowing on top of a stuffed laundry basket.

Tig N% 27 Seek Cartoon Network Studios logo.jpg

Starting with the episode "Boss: Bear in the City", Gweeseek presses the button of the arcade cabinet as she meows.

CN Studios logo (Tig n' Seek S3 variant).PNG

Come and Learn with Pibby (Short)

The logo is on a black background with Pibby in front as she turns around and looks at it. Shortly after, they glitch out. This appears during the short.

Cartoon Network Studios (2021).png

Sixth Logo Variants

We Baby Bears

An animation of young Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear coming together and taking a selfie.

Cartoon Network Studios (We Baby Bears).jpeg

Close Enough (Season 3)

The same clip from the previous logo.

Cartoon Network Studios logo variant (Close Enough, 2022).png

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