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Bibigon was a governmental children's TV channel owned by VGTRK. In 2010, Bibgon and Telenyanya (Channel One Russia's own children's TV channel) were merged to create Karusel.

(September 7, 2008-2010)

Logo: Depending on the variant:

  • Pochemuchka: On a blue-white background with a grid floor at the bottom, we see the 2 main characters (Bit and Byte). The projector-like thing displays on screen (the logo with "представляет" ["presents" in Russian] already below the logo). Byte kicks the "projector", causing it to "glitch" for a bit before showing the Bibigon logo. They both point at the logo after it.
  • Lessons of the Good Manners (Уроки хороших манер), some episodes of Spelling Without Errors (Говорим без ошибок) and Kakoye IZObrazie! (Какое ИЗОбразие!): On a blue-white gradient background, we see all the main characters (excluding the teachers). They flip the paper piece and reveal the same Bibigon logo. Someone slaps the back of one of the main characters, and then they stand. представляет is written below the logo in a script font.

Technique: 3D motion-capture animation. Both variants were animated by Pilot TV.

Music/Sounds: The sounds depend on the variant, but the general melody is a 20-note synth/xylophone and a string/flute note.

Availablity: Extinct. Seen on 2008-2010 episodes of the aforementioned programs. Some of the online prints of both shows retain the logo.

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