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This is the production company of Philippe Martinez.

1st Logo (2002-2003)


Logo: We zoom through a starry background. After a few seconds, the letters in the name "BauerMartinez" fly in from different corners of the screen. When they form the name, the screen flashes. Then, "STUDIOS" wipes in and a purple shield appears behind the company name. A lens flare shines throughout.

Technique: The letters flying in and the shield appearing.

Music/Sounds: A timpani and a deep string note, followed by an 11-note trumpet fanfare.

Availability: Rare. Seen on Citizen Verdict.

2nd Logo (2003-2005)


Logo: Starting on a space background, we see an object below that resembles a planet's surface. An arc and light rays can be seen above the object (a la the 1997 Universal logo). Then it rises, revealing a blue shield with "BauerMartinez STUDIOS" in it. The logo shines.

Technique: The rising shield.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1st logo.

Availability: Can be found on Modigliani, House of 9, and Wake of Death, among others.

3rd Logo (2006- )

Logo: Giant gates appear, with the company name "BAUER MARTINEZ STUDIOS" written above on them. They open, revealing a small plane riding over the red carpet alley with palms and searchlights. The plane takes off into the twilight skies with searchlights (a la 20th Century Fox). After a few seconds, the plane crashes into the screen, resulting in a flash of light, revealing a static image of the plane and the pilot, with "BAUER MARTINEZ" above and "STUDIOS" below. The logo shines.


  • On some movies, "ENTERTAINMENT" replaces "STUDIOS" on the finished logo.
  • There is a static variation with the still picture (slightly modified) and the name reduced to "B*M*E".

Technique: Quite good CGI for 2006.

Music/Sounds: A repeated 4-piano melody is heard throughout. Then as the plane takes off, the music swells. The sound of gates opening and the plane's motor is heard throughout. When the plane crashes into the screen, a cymbal crash and an orchestra hit are heard, ending with a deep string note.

Availability: Can be seen on Van Wilder 2 and subsequent movies.

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