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Logo: A set featuring a flat widescreen TV, displaying test patterns, next to two long speakers is shown against a blue striped wall and wooden flooring. The camera pans out to reveal the room has no roof and contains a married couple in wedding-themed clothing on a brown couch, laying next to each other as they watch a program. The size of the room gets cropped to a box with a round upper half as the camera pans out and it is shown the room is against a blue-white background. Underneath the living room is the company name in a stacked format and the former word in capitalization.


  • On season 2 of Tech Throwback, the background was changed to a cyan-tan background.
  • Season 3 of said series changes the TV image to a picture of a puppy.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A basic, four-note synth jingle.

Availability: Only seen on Tech Throwback, which is found on some local television channels. Some episodes of said series can be found on Salem School District Media and KFON-TV's on-demand websites. However, not all episodes have been preserved.

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